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Huapai Car & Truck Painters Ltd, established in April 2000 is a successful panel & paint shop based in Huapai/Kumeu, West Auckland.

In 2011, Huapai Car & Truck Painters was accepted into PPG Fleetpool, an elite group of painting companies contracted to look after trucking company’s fleet painting requirements. Under PPG Fleetpool’s warranty, we guarantee colour quality & consistency every time.

Huapai Car & Truck Painters pride themselves on producing a top quality finish, with our motto “Where Image is Everything, we Guarantee You’ll Stand Out From the Rest”.

Whether it be your Truck or Trucking Fleet, Caravan, Camper, Car Rust Repairs, Car Repaints, Restoring your Old Hotrod, Bike or even your Boat!┬áCombining a panel & paint service, we deliver a prompt, professional refinish at competitive rates – guaranteed!